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Welcome to JLW LIT Abstracts!

This Writer/Abstract artist  loves to sketch creative images, write stories, and design artwork through her creative imagination on canvas where the artwork comes to life. 


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Meet the Artist

Welcome to JLWLIT Abstracts a brand that speaks for itself. Painting and writing are a few of my passions. My LOGO "Readable Strokes" is how my story started.  I never imagined creating sketches and writing stories was so therapeutic. It started when shopping was no longer my go to, so I drove to Michael's, purchased my first easel, sketch pads, and canvases the first day, then back to the Michaels the next day, I think I bought every beautiful hues of acrylic paint on the shelf.  Chalk, and colored pencils was on the shopping list as well. When I realized shopping was an outlet with little return,  I shifted my focus to painting, sketching stroke by stroke as hours seem like minutes never missing a beat.


As a wife and mother I have been a nurturer my adult life, caring for family meant everything to me.  My parents were always my rock as they aged and became elderly the circle of life got real. As I cherished my family, I watched my kids grow into adults, get married and become parents themselves; I loss my dad at age 87, continued to spoil my mom, and stay the course through the fun times and challenging time before her health declined, and had to go into a decent nursing home. The facility was like working a second job for me as my mom require 24 hour care.  It became my new  norm,  many days were spent visiting her in the nursing home several days a week. As the hours were long and I would think it was safe to exit her room, after she dozed off, trying not to wake her up, she would woke then ask me  to stay.  It was too cute and without question, I halted my exit .  Minutes turned to hours as time slipped away.  It was then I realized it was in our best interest to figure out a way to utilize my time wisely and be productive.  I discovered a way to utilize my time and continue my hobby to work while she slept. I looked forward to our visits and appreciated the time spent with my sweetie prior to her passing at age 92.​


I absolutely love the art of painting, I took pic's with my cell to share with my family, mainly my adult kids and was amazed of their responses, it was during that time I realized maybe there's something to this passion. As intrigued as I was from their responses, it was so easy to second guess the gift.  A day of discovery, was when sketches and paintings birth Abstrabulous my first family coloring book. 

Discover the gift specifically designed for you, then explore it.  Never let life be such a distraction you don't discover you.  When in doubt pray and seek what it is, put your best effort to work, you'll be amazed when you see what's in you. 

Thanks for stopping by, and your purchase of our coloring book.  We hope you found our site fun and exciting.  Stay connected, and please join our mailing list for Coming Attractions! 

Again, thank you!

Joyce L Williams

Canvas Artwork 


Coloring Book Artist Originals


Silver Curves Puzzle

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