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Welcome to JLW LIT Abstracts

I'm A Finance Analyst And Acquisition Procurement Specialist, And A Abstract Artist And Author.


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Silver Curves Puzzle


Silver Curves Puzzle


Silver Curves Puzzle


Silver Curves Puzzle

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About Me

Welcome to my site, my brand was not an easy find, I love to paint and write so it was difficult to align the two into one brand, after I prayed about it, it came to me, "Readable Strokes"! My story started when I shopped as an outlet, for stuff. Macy’s was a great one stop shop for beautiful cosmetics, shoes, and clothes, until I realized I had plenty, enough…now what!  When shopping wasn’t enough, I drove to Michael's, where I purchased my first easel, canvases in various sizes, and amazing hue of beautiful acrylic paint, my husband knew it was on!  I would spend hours creating with tones of chalk, pencils and now beautiful tones of acrylic paint.


My first few paintings were for fun, I took a few pics on my cell phone to share with family and friends, they were amazed of my artwork. When I needed a second, third, fourth opinion, I shared the pics with a few colleagues.  As the office caught wind of my hidden talent and passion to paint, I received request for paintings, and the story continues. I couldn’t believe the passion to create with color could be so fulfilling.  It was so peaceful to paint and know you’ve discovered a gift inside of you.  No one can ever tell what’s inside of you, you must explore and discover it, it will change your direction, so pray about it.


Finally, one of the CFOs from the office discovered my work through word of mouth. Watercooler chat.  I barely knew him personally, just when we met and discussed numbers. He was also a self-proclaimed artist who wanted to see more of my artwork, when he asked to see it, I was wowed.  He invited me to see the paintings in his office it was like a showroom of art, he was so proud of his work and I could see why, his paintings were from beautiful pics. He would ask where I got my images. Since they were my created images, I wasn’t sure where he was going, was this a compliment?... until he called them Masterpieces, that was the encouragement one artist to another will always hold close. Just an opinion can validate a gift, what a discovery it was, it was time to get to work, and create some magic.  

Wake up your gift, it’s time to get acquainted, you never know what’s inside of you. The compliments received by many stirred up a love of art I can’t wait for you to explore. I look forward to hear what you think, become a part of our Abstract family, by joining our mailing list.  When you see what you like, grab a puzzle, coloring book, a print of beautiful paintings. My first novel is coming soon, and so much more!  Experience the beauty of Abstracts, this is my story, I would love to hear what you think.

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